4 Benefits Of Hiring The Top Managed Security Services Providers


Faced with the wave of computer attacks worldwide, external cybersecurity managed network security services represent a reliable and economical option to prevent various threats.The figures from the latest annual IT Security Risks study show that 25% of large companies and 28% of SMEs have admitted that they lack the internal resources and the necessary experience in information security. It determines vulnerable cyber-attacks to hit businesses. Therefore, an alternative that large, medium and small companies increasingly use is to hire top managed security services providers to ensure that the information security needs of the business are adequately covered.

Although 52% of the more than 4,000 companies surveyed in 25 countries by the Security Risks study assume that their IT security is compromised at some point. Factors such as the fixed costs of hiring a third-party managed network security services provider to manage the company's IT security shows that only a smaller percentage of SMEs access get to contact top managed security services providers.

Therefore, we present the 4 main advantages of hiring a managed network security service dedicated to managing the information security of various companies or organizations.

4 Benefits Of Hiring Managed Network Security Service For Small And Medium-Sized Companies

Experience and specialization

Comprehensive security can be an extremely complex task in your quest to minimize the potential risk of a cyber-attack. Therefore, this activity must be carried out by personnel with experience and knowledge. Hire managed security services providers who guarantee the safety and the rapid continuity of business activity in any event of an intrusion or loss of valuable information.

In this context, outsourcing top managed network security services related to cybersecurity allow obtaining more complex scopes than those you would obtain with your resources. In contrast, it is monitored by professionals who are experts in the field to provide a quality service. Also, these companies stay up-to-date with trends in threats and security risks, thus providing immediate solutions to unforeseen problems.

Reducing The Impact Of Obsolescence

Top managed network security services are based on an eminently technological component and require continuous evolution and updating of equipment and systems to face the corporate challenges of its clients. In this way, hiring an external managed network security service reduces the impact of equipment obsolescence while ensuring that state-of-the-art devices back the company's security.

Outsourcing managed network security services also eliminates costs related to the acquisition of equipment or backup centers and the physical space they require.

Cost Reduction

Outsourcing top managed network security services represent an important economic saving compared to the cost of acquiring your software and hardware service. Likewise, the costs of hiring managed network security service dedicated to these tasks are reduced. Through a detailed analysis prepared by the provider, you can reduce the costs related to cloud or cloud storage consumption.


Implementing an information security system managed within a company has certain limitations, such as the little scalability and the little adaptability to new needs. Thus, it would be necessary to acquire new systems, tools and adapt the company's collaborators to the necessary changes in the information security system.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has favored many connected devices for multiple functions. They are no longer just computers and mobiles. Now there are tablets, watches, and all kinds of meters and sensors.

Having an external managed network security service provides almost unlimited flexibility. It works to expand the service, which allows facing various scenarios of the growth of small and medium-sized companies or changes in the characteristics of the business.