Exposing Your Brand with Customized Bags


Spreading brand awareness using promotional products is an effective method of advertising for corporations and small businesses alike. Using promotional products like customized lunch bags, not only endorses brand but also creates loyalty among customers. You can use such promotional tote bags as a giveaway during promotional or an event to hand over snacks, either way; you will have a secure and hassle-free way of brand promotion.

Personalized lunch bags are inexpensive promotional products to create brand awareness as handing them to customers will make them an unofficial brand ambassador and provide free marketing. The other people who exposed to these bags will be able to see the logo and brand name. Distribution of more bags means you have spread your brand name to several potential customers, and that is beneficial in the long run. 

How do Customized Products help?

Customized promotional products mean having a brand or company name promoted using a number of products like shirts, caps, mugs, pens, lunch bags, and many other items. Among several different methods of advertising, branding through custom lunch bags or similar printed products is a low-cost yet high yielding strategy of promotion. Professionals can provide you with brand imagery on any lunch or tote bag of your preference. Both small businesses and corporations take advantage of this simple yet effective marketing method to boost their sales and enhance their customer base. It is all about who has more domination in the market and has more visuals, and personalized paper bags can help you gain that domination. Benefitting from this promotional strategy is the key to have a solid foundation in the market as well as attracting more customers towards your brand.

Guide for Promotional Bags

Whenever at a tradeshow, office, school, grocer tore, or any other promotional event, we come across promotional bags for free giveaways or distributing promotional stuff. Bags are a unique item for brand promotion as they act as portable billboards to keep the brand message at the top of mind. You have opting to choose various types of bags for your brand promotion, and this short guide will help you identify those types and choose the best one for your brand promotion. 

ToTe Bags

Promotional tote bags of varying sizes are the most common type of item in the promotional bags department. These tote bags can be made from any material among which polyester, canvas, and polypropylene are the most common. Tote bags have an ample space to print the brand logo or name for visibility and is reusable because it is made of cloth. These tote bags are a budget-friendly option for brand promotion with water-resistant capabilities (polypropylene bags), making them the most suitable choice.

Lunch Bags

Personalized lunch bags have started to make their mark in promotional product type because of their reusability and portability. Lunch bags are mostly used for picnics and schools. The benefit of these bags is that there are high chances of visibility by a large number of audience, which in turn boosts the customer base further.


Besides tote bags and customized lunch bags, backpacks are also a preferred choice for companies promoting their brand. Backpacks can be used for almost everything, from carrying books to stuffing camping material. Just like tote bags, backpacks also come in various materials with two different styles: zipper and drawstring. Drawstring backpacks are rectangular bags with cinches that run from the top to the bottom, creating straps of the pack. These bags are sturdy and budget-friendly.

On the other hand, zipper bags can be made from any material and have zips for opening or closing instead of drawstrings. These bags have more space and can hold objects that are more substantial. As compared to drawstring bags, zipper bags are a bit expensive.

Insulated Bags

Insulated bags have a thermal lining sewn inside that keeps items either hot or cold. There are all sorts of possibilities to be used as either personalized lunch bags or food delivery. These bags are not very much famous for promotional use but still have their importance among limited advertising use.

Final Word

One of the most significant advantages of using promotional bags is that there are varieties of styles available. For every bag type, you have various customizable options like different pockets, clips, handles, and others. Custom lunch bags and other promotional bags are also an affordable and budget-friendly option that yields high output. Promotional bags, when combined with other branding products like shirts, mugs, and others, make a perfect goody bag for promotional giveaway. The smart way to use them is to deliver products to customers by personalizing bags that they can use repeatedly and create a lasting impression on the minds of the audience.