Great Tips For First Birthday Boy Outfits


Who knew the time of the first birthday of your baby would arrive so soon. And here you would be looking for options for the first birthday baby boy outfit options that might be available to you online or in stores. When we are closely zooming in the possibilities of the first cake smash outfit of our young ones, the first thing that strikes our mind is the rising trends, current scenario, and also the themes of the party that will match along with the outfit well. However, here are a few of the ideas for smash cake outfit for boys that will make you aware of the current trends and also give you unique ideas to celebrate the birthdays in some very unique ways.

1. Planning:

For some of the unique designs of the baby boy cake smash outfits, you must have a proper planning, and you need to research the current market trends and also match the costume according to the theme of the party, if any. And in case you have selected an item, you need to make sure that colors in focus should also be chosen specifically to make the guy the star of the evening. If you have hired a photographer for an event, it is essential to talk to your photographer about the comfort level of his shooting and also the color contrast and themes that could be chosen to highlight the whole scene.

2. Accessories:

When we plan for the baby boy's first birthday outfit, it is essential to note that we are looking forward to going for several accessories that will complement the whole outfit. Bowties, suspenders, and classy numerals are one of the best accessories that could be added to the birth boy's outfit. However, if you are looking for superhero kind of a look for the young one. It is essential to check the specific stuff and accessories that will go along with them.

3. Lumberjack And Plaid Patterns:

You must have thought about it. Right, it is the popular trend right now that for the first birthday outfit for the boys, let's try the lumberjack and buffalo plaid patterns. They make the young one look super cool as well as turns out to be a comfortable combo for the little young man. You may choose vibrant colors and matching tights or denim jeans to go along with them and makes it a classy outfit for the gentleman of the night.

4. Classic T-Shirts With Variant Bowties:

This is another thing that could be tried at the first birthday of your little munchkin. However, you could go along with the white our pastel color t-shirt and then match it along with variant color bowties. You have an option to go along with the leather neckties or the simple cotton ones that have the letter one printed on them. It does look very classy as well as matches along the occasion if you are choosing to celebrate the birthday for a small group of friends. Not only the start of the evening is comfortable in the classic t-shirt and bowties, but it is also making them look super cool at the same time.

5. The Weather:

Whenever you look to prepare for the first cake smash of the boy, you need to realize that the will be the weather when you are going to celebrate an event. Moreover, if you have chosen to keep it a daylight affair, or you have an entire evening for the celebration. When you have sorted all these things, it makes it easier for you to pick and choose a dress that highlights the star of the party.