One of the best ways to use XTW software HUB if you are a Craft Brewery.


If you are a craft brewer, your leading suppliers are (mostly deadly barley but also other grains), hips (found in several different varieties), yeast (style based on specific stem ins), and water for commercial/industrial use ( Which can be calculated. Up to 95% of lemon beer content).

You have your production issues such as time management, electricity, other supplies, storage issues, including barrels/cages and storage areas, production supplies such as bottles, labels, tops/hats, cans, etc. all other regular matters. Go ahead with running a craft business.

The XTW Hub software ecosystem offers a better business management solution for many of these problems.

Please review our software packages as they develop and look at our MVP as it helps you.

You can sign up for free on both the XTW Hub Trading Product Exchange and the XTW Hub Independent social media platform to connect with your business customers and worldwide users.

Use XTW Hub Direct Advertising to open up new markets and find new customers worldwide, and this technology opens new doors for your business.

XTW Hub software is highly effective for international payments and international payments using XTW tokens for international payments. It is a meager cost, very fast, and intelligent Hub XTW contract technology is very reliable.

It is common in the Asian craft brewery sector to place complex orders to multiple wholesalers or consumers. For example, if you have clear and individual mandates to 150+ customers in a region, some will want your two berries. Some want six. Some want bottles, some want cones, some want a mix of all of the above and a lot of complexities, XTW Hub Smart Contract technology designed to work directly in this environment. Done and can do this job quickly and efficiently. It can save you significant work, money, and time.

Use XTW Hub Targeted Advertising with XTW Hub D&R Software to target your existing and potential new customers worldwide.

Craft Breweries can track supply from Farm / Producer / Grain Merchant / Malster directly to their brewery through XTW Hub XTW Provenance software, ensures delivery quality, and direct delivery to your customers. Using XTW can track your products to help reduce theft, burglary, and other standard industry issues. Blackberry beer is a black beer.

XTW Hub software facilitates real-time supply ordering because you have a real-time picture of your product worldwide to reduce unnecessary extra costs and prevent supply shortages. You can order as little as you need directly.

Craft Brewery has a world-class image of your equipment, and therefore, you can produce your product more important, so there is no need for excessive production. The problems associated with storing and delivering quickly. not required.