Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas Offers Artificial Grass That Makes Life a Paradise for Pets


Artificial Grass Handles Roughhousing From Dogs of All Sizes Better Than Real Grass

Las Vegas, NV: Facing the worst drought from 2000 till the present, Nevada water officials are asking for all non-functional, ornamental grass to be removed in an effort to reduce water consumption by 15%. Onboard with these collective water-conservation efforts, Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas offers fake grass options that work especially well for pet owners. The company stocks a diverse variety of grasses, with their Pet Turf that has been especially designed for pets. This synthetic turf is durable, safe and provides a low-maintenance safe zone for pet owners and their pets to romp around in actively. Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas has the added distinction of being authorized by the Southern Nevada Water Authority as a Water Smart Contractor.

Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas CEO Ken has become synonymous with hard work and providing customers optimized solutions that won't drain their pockets or waste their water. Regarding the current situation, he said, "Seeing the current water situation, it only makes sense for all of us to band together and make the right choices. Yes, most people want a beautiful backyard and a safe space for their children and pets to play in, but it's better any day to enjoy your low-maintenance artificial turf lawn than to spend hours in the scorching sun maintaining it, and using up valuable water." The company wields a bulging portfolio of satisfied customers who certify that Pet Turf has done wonders to keep willful pets engaged. They do not have to worry about ticks, fleas, and other insects breeding in their fake grass, so that makes it great for dogs. Add to this, the advantages that it is non-toxic can be easily cleaned of solid or liquid animal waste without creating odor, and comes with a 10-year warranty, and it is clear why customers love Ken.

Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas stress the following reasons as to why artificial grass in general, and Pet Turf, in particular, is great artificial turf for dogs, cats, and other pets, but especially for the family and children, especially in these dry months:

• Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas provide a large selection of grasses, various padding, and several backing options for their customers to choose from.

• The fibers are of the finest quality and have a UV protective coating that can withstand the scorching Nevada sun, heat, and wind.

• Cleaning up after pets is simple, solids can be physically removed and disposed of, and the artificial grass is then hosed down if preferred. Hosing down the grass once a week only helps keep the fake grass deodorized of the pet's liquid waste.

• Any water, spillage, or pets urinating on artificial grass drains easily and quickly. This is because the turf backing has perforations and holes leading water away from the surface and allowing it to dry quicker than natural grass.

• Some artificial grass varieties have a drain rate of 30-inches per hour, allowing people and pets to get back outside soon after the grass has been wet or after a rain.

• Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas uses as infill 100% clean recycled rubber, coal, slag, sand, or Durafill/ZeoFill (which are especially good for pets as they stop spores and bacteria growth, keep the grass from overheating in the sun keeping, and deflect unpleasant odors)

• Synthetic grass is made from hypoallergenic materials and pollen cannot cling to it, making it safe for kids and pets, and reducing pollen allergies.

• Pets cannot be infested by fleas, ticks, or other insects and pests, as they cannot nest, breed and feed in artificial grass for dogs, keeping your pets and you safe.

• Artificial grass for dogs is not easily damaged by a dog's claws or teeth. Also, the nylon/polypropylene fibers that make up the mesh backing and blades of artificial grass cannot be easily pulled out or destroyed.

• Artificial grass eliminates the need for manure and other growth or pest-control chemicals that natural grass needs.

• Pets love fake grass. Anyone with pets knows just how much they enjoy lounging about. Cats and dogs love romping in the grass and once the newness of it is over, take to artificial grass quickly, since it looks and feels almost like the real thing.

• Pets cannot dig up fake grass, as they would real grass. Also, animals who love sprawling in the mud, cannot trek in wet mud or dirty footprints throughout the house.

•, Unlike real grass, fake grass will spring back up after being subjected to external forces, such as people or pets using it for walking, running, jumping, lying down on it or placing heavy-weighted objects on it such as anchoring gym and children's play equipment on it or setting garden furniture. It must be noted that if the artificial turf is regularly compacted, owners should choose to brush it up regularly.

• Lastly, fake grass raises the value of a house. If a homeowner ever chooses to sell, that fake grass can bring in a better price to the property. It adds curb appeal (i.e., how attractive property and its surroundings appear when seen from the street) and will positively influence the resale value of your home, especially if your home is in a city or state impacted by persistent drought conditions.

The company emphasizes that being stain-resistant and eliminating the need for watering, mowing, and fertilizing, all their synthetic grass comes with a warranty, making artificial grass installation a great long-term investment.

About Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas: Run by Ken and his son Patrick, Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas has been successfully providing consultation, and installation services of many artificial lawn products to the Las Vegas, Nevada region for years. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service to customers in LV, NV as visible in our ever-expanding customer base. Products used by Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas are always of the highest quality components. That is not just our promise, but our standard.