What’s in our Eliquid?


With all the crazy news about vaping and the misinformation going around, we commonly ask whether our e-liquids contain particular ingredients. We are becoming to interrupt down the ingredients we use and what their purposes are in our e-liquids. We'll also list all of the common elements we get asked that are not in our products.

Vegetable Glycerin (V.G.) - can also be mentioned as just glycerin or glycerol; this ingredient can structure anywhere from 20% to 80% of the Eliquid. you'll commonly see this mentioned on the label as VG/PG ratio. V.G. is used as a carrier for ingredients, it's thick and can be an enormous neighbourhood of the vapour you see once you exhale. V.G. is used in many products, including foods, skin creams, shampoo and cough syrup, to call a few of. While it's commonly mentioned as Vegetable Glycerin, it is often derived from multiple sources. The foremost common is Soy-based; however, there's also coconut, palm, flavorer and corn-based. We use palm-based U.S.P. grade V.G. in our e-liquids. In our testing, palm-based has the only taste and is slightly sweet. We use only U.S.P. kosher/halal certified V.G. in our products. This is often often often often important as V.G. can also be a byproduct of biodiesel, which isn't to be utilized in e-liquids. What's U.S.P.? Here is what it means below. It is a high-quality grade assurance that our V.G. is 99.7% or higher purity.

U.S.P. A chemical grade of sufficient purity to satisfy or exceed the U.S. Pharmacopoeia requirements (U.S.P.); acceptable for food, drug, or medicinal use; could even be used for several laboratory purposes.

Propylene Glycol (P.G.) - this is often often often often another carrier or sometimes a solvent. Don't be scared by the word solvent because it only means it is easy to dissolve things into. This is often often often often why it's used; it allows the flavour manufacturers to form flavourings that don't separate. It's odourless and tasteless while having the viscosity of water. It helps thin the Eliquid so that it can wick properly in your vape. It also carries flavour much better than V.G. P.G. is used in many products like inhalers, smoke effect machines and syrups. Some people can have a rare allergy to P.G. that causes them to interrupt out in hives. The prevalence of this in vapers is extremely low; however, if you're one of the few people allergic, search for high V.G. products or those that substitute P.G. for P.D.O. P.G. also gives the vape product the throat hit that many describe as making it feel closer to a cigarette in terms of inhalation.

Flavouring: Our e-liquids, as you guessed, contain flavouring. All flavouring's we used are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) certified. This means they have no known toxins and are utilized in many food products. Flavourings structure anywhere from 5%-50% of the Eliquid. Some flavours aren't as intense as others and wish more or less flavouring to urge the required taste. All our products are blends of numerous flavours to make the robust and flavorful Eliquid. We work with multiple flavouring suppliers to make our e-liquids. Kind of our flavourings is specifically made for us as we weren't pleased with the market offerings. Most spices are P.G. based because it's that the sole at carrying flavour ingredients.

Nicotine: Whether your buy our salt nicotine or our regular nicotine, we use only absolutely the very best quality nicotine available. We purchase our nicotine through a Canadian supplier of pharmaceutical-grade products. U.S.P. grade nicotine is what they start with to form their salt nicotine. Nicotine accuracy is critical, and handling the very best quality manufacturers of nicotine ensures we give our customers the cleanest possible product. Nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaf, which makes up a tiny percentage of the plant. Now we see synthetic nicotines available on the market. These are racemic products that are chemically slightly like those derived from the tobacco plant, however, with the extra advantage of not coming from tobacco. Currently, synthetic nicotines are too expensive for us to provide in our products; however, we expect these to become cheap enough to be utilized during everyday vape products within the upcoming years.

What Ingredients aren't in our E-Liquids?

• NO VITAMIN-E ACETATE this is often often often often the contaminant responsible for the illnesses and deaths within us (from Contaminated cannabis vape products). The C.D.C. found these to be only related to Cannabis products, not nicotine vape products

• NO THC- Our products haven't nor will ever contain T.H.C.

• NO CANNABIS - Our products are manufactured during a Cannabis accessible facility

• NO MCT OIL - MCT(medium-chain triglyceride) oil isn't utilized in nicotine e-liquids, nor will it ever be.

• NO LIPIDS OR FATTY ACIDS - this is often often often often another product utilized within the cannabis industry but not the nicotine Eliquid industry.

I hope this brings to light what's contained in our e-liquids. there's always misinformation surrounding vape products, and it is vital manufacturers are transparent with customers about the contents of their e-liquids. Enjoy!